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gongaga, you are so not helping [18 Aug 2010|11:07pm]
[ mood | confused ]
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Title: Heroin Syndrome
Pair: Cid/Vincent
Circle: Be Happy
Pages: 32
Content: G
Plot: Yuffie busts in on Cid + Vin, who are resting, yells "demon get out!" and whips beans at Cid. Cid is like WTF and chases after her while Vincent inspects the beans.
Cloud wonders if it's a hometown tradition, sowing beans like that.
They understand that it's to ward off an omen, but Cid is still angry that Yuffie for messing up his ship. She offers to clean the chocobos.
Yuffie then says that for good health they should each eat their age worth of beans. Vincent should eat 57. Cid says he doesn't believe it- then notices Vincent chowing down.
He starts begging for water as Yuffie runs away; Vincent says he doesn't feel better at all.
Yuffie explains more of the tradition and produces demon outfits. Cid gets excited at the idea of Vincent dressing up in them.
Vincent is like: no. But Yuffie is persistent that it's a festival! He should- and Cloud agrees. He says Vincent can do it as part of his atonement. He starts getting depressed about his sins, and Cid breaks in, saying his waiting for him to choose a hand [for his punishment]. He ends up in a Lum costume. Cid says it's nice, but Yuffie thinks it's mortifying. Regardless, they chuck the beans at him yelling 'demon get out' and he runs away. Cid gets all riled up for the chase, and Yuffie and Cloud admit they're to blame as well for this.
Vincent runs into Barret who wonders why he's dressed like that. Vincent apologizes to him, then uses him as a shield against the beans. He runs past Cait Sith and Red, the latter says he just saw Lum. The original 3 corner Vincent, and Yuffie is like 'what are you doing Cid, you forgot your beans?'. Vincent says Cid's doing the tradition wrong and leaps away majestically [which Cid finds quite impressive].
Vincent ends up twisting his ankle in his flight, and Cid finally finds him. He says as a prize he should get a kiss- which Vincent questions the tradition of. He starts trying to kiss him and jostles Vincent's hurt leg. Cid asks what happened, and Vincent is like- don't you remember chasing me everywhere?? Cid apologizes and carries Vincent to safety, then takes his place as the demon.
When the others are like 'oh, so we chase Cid now', Vincent is like 'wait'. Then shows up in combat gear decked out in packets of beans.
Tifa comes home to see them chasing and thinks it looks like they had fun.

That's funny, usually it's the version of events I make up to explain untranslated doujinshi that makes absolutely no fucking sense and the translation that explains what the fuck is going on in a logical manner.

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