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people wonder where i get it from [12 May 2010|05:49pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | The Video Game Pianist--Kids Run Through the City Corner (FFVI) ]

Note: Lilacs are my favorite flower, and I always look forward to them in the spring, but we've had a crappy harvest the past few years due to the cold. This year, we didn't get any at all.

Mom: Surprise! (hands over bouquet of lilacs)
Myself: OH MY GOD YAY :D :D :D Where did you get these? You didn't buy some just for me, did you?
Mom: I found them.
Myself: ...where did you...
Mom: I FOUND them.
Myself: ...didn't the house we drove by a few days ago have lilacs this color?
Mom: I found them! It was vacant anyway! There wasn't anyone at home, they won't notice!
Myself: I love you too, Mom.

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