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i wake up in the night all alone and it's all right [31 Jan 2010|12:11am]
[ mood | fucked ]
[ music | Ben Folds Five--Gone ]

I dreamt that Crowley from Good Omens was reassigned so his only demonic mission in life was to tempt me, personally, to sin. As in sticky, depraved, kinky, toe-curling sin, at my side twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to attend to each and every time I wanted to sign off a little bit of my soul and have a quick smoke afterward.

As it was a non-lucid dream, I responded by turning into a velociraptor and kicking him in the nads.

You guys know the kind of nightmares I have, so you'll understand the gravity of this, but SHITTIEST. FUCKING. DREAM. EVER.

p.s. something I ate decided to make me do a sea cucumber impression re: digestive upset

p.s.s. I dug so deep into a sore on my earlobe during a series of obsessive fits that the entire ear and part of my neck feels hot and the scar tissue from where my piercing healed over is kind of, like, bulging out, being careful to keep it from getting infected though

p.s.s.s. my diploma arrived in the mail

I really have no business being unhappy right now. I really don't. I feel terrible being unhappy when I have a zillion good things going on right now, but it's like the little things are ganging up and just collectively curbstomping the shit out of me.

Like the pack of compys in the SNES Jurassic Park game.

No, the decent one.

See, you didn't think I'd get it back around to dinosaurs, did you.

Did you.

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