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before the cut, why agonize? [15 Jan 2010|06:31am]
[ mood | oh sweet baby jeebus ]
[ music | Repo! The Genetic Opera--Zydrate Anatomy ]

Myself: Ugh, I'm sick of sitting around worrying about those test results. I'm going to see if I can't Google up some details on my condition so I won't feel so in the dark.


Myself: Great, I've gone from finding the name of my condition to finding statistics about it to finding a reassuring FAQ on the treatment of it! I feel much more confident now that I'm well-informed. This was a good idea. Hm, a .pdf on what to expect from the surgery I'm probably going to need...sounds like the next logical step! *click*

Myself: Oh well that's perfectly BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORF

Yeah, I know, this is kid stuff compared to the original operation, in which they popped out the entire eye and THEN started digging around in it, but good God, Eye Scream much? And if it's misaligned, they tug on the sutures once you're awake to fix it. Good God I don't even. INTERNET >(

...YMCA just came on my Winamp shuffle. I think it's trying to cheer me up. Aw, Winamp shuffle, you just understand me, don't you?

Oh well. It still sounds better than the "inject Botox into the muscles of the eye" option. ...I think.

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