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the chemicals are wearing off [12 Jan 2010|08:49pm]
[ mood | broken ]
[ music | Ben Folds Five--Gone ]

I went to my eye appointment today. After two and a half hours of poking and prodding, including an injection that nearly made me throw up and faint, they determined that I have trace cataracts in both eyes, but my real problem is that the muscles of my bad eye have degenerated even more since my retinal detachment surgery. Possible treatment I need has gone from 20-minute outpatient microsurgery to God knows what kind of muscle surgery, and he only said it MIGHT help--I have to wait a week for test results and a specialist referral before I know anything for sure. Fuck my eye and FML.

...oh well, at least this means I'll probably be getting mileage out of my old eyepatch avatar again.

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