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spleens, intestines, and spines, and brains [04 Jan 2010|04:18am]
[ mood | not bad ]
[ music | Repo! The Genetic Opera--Lungs and Livers (Geneco Jingle) ]

I try to draw chibis, and this happens.

This was a teeny teeny sketch (the speech bubbles are both smaller than a dime, for perspective), so I couldn't do much with detail and it turned out shittier than usual. It was fun, though, and the first pic I've done so far with a background. A shitty background, mind, but a background.

Been watchin' Treasure game LPs lately. Imagine it shows. Also inspired by Zarla's number-monsters. As usual, I know my art sucks, tell me how to make it suck less if you can.


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